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  • 📱Updates on WisdomTree Prime: New Funds and Functionality Are Coming

📱Updates on WisdomTree Prime: New Funds and Functionality Are Coming

🤝 Figure’s New Lending as a Service and First Customer: Guaranteed Rate

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As always, we have two captivating topics for you to dive into:

1️⃣ 📱Updates on WisdomTree Prime: New Funds and Functionality

2️⃣ 🤝 Figure’s New Lending as a Service and First Customer: Guaranteed Rate

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📱Updates on WisdomTree Prime: New Funds and Functionality

While many of you were already What’s Drippin’ “Rainmakers” when WisdomTree rolled out their new app WisdomTree Prime 4 months ago, others were not. Regardless, here’s a link to that edition as a primer for this week’s updates coming from the team there!

During their Q3 earnings, CEO Jonathan Steinberg revealed that the firm plans to add a money market fund to WisdomTree Prime along with three WisdomTree Siegel-branded digital funds “where customers can deploy a model-like experience with just one click.” This adds to the current 9 funds offered plus gold and crypto offerings (BTC and ETH).

These additions will be model equity portfolios that use strategies from the existing Siegel-WisdomTree Longevity and Siegel-WisdomTree Global Equity model portfolios. It doesn’t stop there though, the app will also offer a WisdomTree Siegel Moderate Digital Fund. It’s clear that the WisdomTree team is continuously reiterating to serve the end investor, with retail investors kept in consideration.

Aside from new funds coming this quarter, the $94B asset manager will also include debit card connectivity and P2P functionality in future quarters.

The beauty about this app is that retail investors are using blockchain without even knowing it, it’s that user-friendly. The whole premise of tokenizing assets isn’t to make everyone create web3 wallets, it’s to use blockchain technology in the backend to streamline inefficiencies for issuers and service providers while providing additional value to the end investor.

What could be next? Considering the momentum with spot bitcoin ETFs and WisdomTree’s specialty in the ETF space, one could assume a spot bitcoin ETF available on the WisdomTree Prime app could very likely be in play for early 2024.

Want to learn more about WisdomTree as a whole and the app?
Check out the fireside chat we hosted with the company’s director of business development for digital assets, Maredith Sapp, at our TokenizeThis conference!

🤝 Figure’s New Lending-as-a-Service and First Customer: Guaranteed Rate

Figure has been known for their work in the home equity line of credit (HELOC) space, with their 2 AAA-rated securitizations in Q2 on Provenance Blockchain. One of them included Jefferies, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and BNY Mellon which was a blockchain-native securitization. Only months later and now Figure Lending is announcing their Lending-as-a-Service (LaaS) offering, supplementing their Q2 wholesale platform which Peter Gaffney reported can reduce loan approval timing from 5 days to just 5 minutes in his State of Security Tokens - Q2 report.

As a proven HELOC system and product offering, lenders will now have the ability to leverage it and originate their own HELOCs based on their terms, pricing parameters, and fulfillment requirements - a testament to the trust they’ve built as their Head of Lending Jackie Frommer puts it. This news comes with an impressive $1B in originations during Q3!

Who’s likely to use it?

Great question! Figure already has its first user and it’s none other than lending giant Guaranteed Rate which has previously used Figure Lending’s services before. Other past clients include Movement Mortgage and Homebridge which we’d expect to see also explore using LaaS.

This LaaS platform is our first step towards building a robust private capital market on the blockchain, as we are also working with several top banks with the goal of creating a consistent and predictable takeout market for assets that are originated on Figure’s platforms

Mike Cagney, Co-founder and CEO of Figure

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The New Security Token Show: Episode 210

Powers Hour - Breaking Down SBF’s Trial

Did you follow Sam Bankman-Fried's trial? Marc Powers did! Come join us for a conversation around how the trial went and answer any of your questions around defense strategy, witness testimony, etc.

Marc Powers is a law professor at Florida International University and a retired SEC Enforcement Chief - someone well positioned to help us talk through this trial!

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