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1️⃣ 🤩 Trade with Your Favorite Celebrity: IX Swap’s OTPs

2️⃣ 🔄 Swap Utility Tokens for Equity Tokens: Hacken

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Your First Captivating Topic of the Week

🤩 Trade with Your Favorite Celebrity: IX Swap’s OTPs

Have you ever wanted to follow a celebrity’s path when it comes to investing? Are some influencers making returns you’d like to mirror? Well look no further, IX Swap is here!

Julian Kwan and his team just announced they’ll be allowing retail investors to participate alongside Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) through their new Onchain Tokenized Portfolios (OTPs).

How does it work?

Simple! From what I understand it seems that a KOL would invest in security tokens, crypto, and NFTs which would all essentially create a portfolio. Investors would then be able to invest in that portfolio to gain exposure to the same underlying assets on a pro-rata basis.

You may be familiar with this concept in traditional finance through “model portfolios.” If you’re not an active investor, chances are you’ve probably invested in a portfolio of assets. For example, a “Moderately Aggressive” portfolio meaning any money invested in it would be split into mostly stocks and some bonds.

The portfolio would choose which specific stocks and bonds to place your money in though, taking the decision out of your hands if you feel uncomfortable making those individual decisions yourself.

Similar concept here but with crypto, NFTs, and real world assets!

Are you a Key Opinion Leader? This may be a great way to further connect with your community while fostering web3’s promise of transparency, security, and liquidity.

This is not financial advice.

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Your Second Captivating Topic of the Week

🔄 Swap Utility Tokens for Equity Tokens: Hacken

Have you ever felt left holding the bag with any utility, governance, or other tokens that don’t give you ownership over a product you support? Well Hacken is fixing that with the option to swap out your utility tokens ($HAI) for equity ones ($HES)!

For anyone unfamiliar, Hacken is a smart contract auditing firm that had released a work-to-earn, product-utility, and governance token ($HAI). Now they’re looking to offer the exchange of 1M $HAI for 1 equity token ($HES) for interested holders. Each HES equals 0.1% of the Hacken entity, with the total offering representing 10% of the company and will last up until April 13, 2024.

This is all being done via Brickken, a platform which will take care of KYC/AML and issuance of the equity tokens.

Hacken’s Offering Page on Brickken

Don’t want to exchange your tokens? That’s ok. Hacken claims 87% of the acquired $HAI tokens will be burned which could mean an increase in your $HAI’s value due to supply and demand.

What about liquidity?
Great question! Hacken is planning to IPO by 2027 but will also be offering token buybacks in the next funding round.

Interested in learning more? Visit the offering page on Brickken!

This is not financial advice.

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STM Updates

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$HAG Now Tracked on STM.Co

We’re proud to be tracking a new trading token: Hashrate Asset Group’s HAG token! HAG is a security token focusing on Bitcoin mining and designed to pay monthly WBTC distributions. Each HAG aims to maintain a peg to 1 terahash per second of Bitcoin mining hash power. Learn more on the STM page!


STM Monthly Report - February 2024 (NEW)

We're thrilled to release the February 2024 edition of our monthly report! In this month’s market report, we have meticulously tracked over 525 security tokens spanning across 29 marketplaces and 11 blockchains.

Sections include:
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👉 Asset Class Breakdown (including newly onboarded institutional debt)
👉 Marketplace Spotlights
👉 On-Chain Treasury Products
👉 New Tokens and Announcements

State of Security Tokens 2023 - Q4 Report (NEW)

We are very excited to publish our State of Security Tokens 2023 - Q4 report with our client and sponsor Blue Water Financial Technologies . Peter Gaffney and the Security Token Advisors team cover the following topics:

  • Key retail & institutional themes in the tokenization and real world assets space including:

    • Treasury, private credit, and real estate growth

    • Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) originations and securitizations

    • Investment banking platforms and digital bond placements

    • Global distribution channels & preferential jurisdictions

    • M&A and Investment Activity

  • Secondary Trading Activity (40+ graphs and charts from Security Token Market)

  • M&A and Investments

  • 50+ Service Provider Updates

  • Public and Private Blockchain Developments

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TokenizeThis: Highlights and Key Takeaways Report

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