🌴 STM's Crowdfund is Closing Soon

🏦 Kaiser Partner Privatbank Joins SDX as First Liechtenstein-based CSD Member

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1️⃣ 🌴 STM's Crowdfund is Closing Soon

2️⃣ 🏦 Kaiser Partner Privatbank Joins SDX as First Liechtenstein-based CSD Member

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Get liquid💧

A message from Fairchild Acquisition and AKRU

Fry and Leavitt are both live on the AKRU platform! With investing as-simple-as-a-click, you can now invest in these two recently redeveloped properties for as little as $750. Fry and Leavitt are located in the culturally rich and walkable neighborhood of Ukrainian Village near the heart of Downtown Chicago, one of the most stable multi-family markets in the country according to CoStar.

The assets’ sponsor, Fairchild Acquisitions, has had over 20 years of experience with multi-family assets in the Chicago and Milwaukee areas. Fry and Leavitt offer a wide range of amenities including balconies, patio areas, and high-end kitchens & bathrooms. Investors on the AKRU platform benefit from access to direct investment opportunities, enhanced liquidity, flexible hold times, and quarterly cash distributions.

🌴 STM's Crowdfund is Closing Soon

A quick trip down memory lane for our rainmakers that weren't around back then:Security Token Market's "testing the waters" campaign went live on October 11th, 2021 (our 3rd birthday). Check out the announcement on The Security Token Show Episode 112's Top 5 which also gives you a quick rundown on what "testing the waters" means with Regulation Crowdfunding (RegCF)!

After working with our funding portal Securitize, trusted consultants (and sister company 😉) at Security Token Advisors, and legal team at Sosnow & Associates to set up our RegCF we went live on July 6th, 2022 where anyone around the world, accredited or not, could invest in STM. We even had a launch party the following week here in Miami with our partners, investors, clients, and followers!

This was monumental because not only could people invest digitally but this was the first web3-enabled crowdfund! That means people have the option to invest using USDC on Avalanche, sign using the blockchain, and have their investment recorded immutably... pretty cool 😎

Want to learn more about the crowdfund and who STM is? Check out our explainer series telling you all about:

  • Introduction to STM and Origin Story

  • STM Media

  • STM Data

  • Why STM is Tokenizing

So where's STM now? I'm glad you asked!We're excited to announce that the RegCF will be coming to a close on March 31st, 2023 as per our amended Form C! That means anyone still looking to invest has just under a month to do so on Securitize and investors will receive their tokens shortly after the close.

So far we've received investment from all over the world including Israel, Romania, and New Zealand with one of our lead investors being SPiCE VC! 🌎 🇮🇱🇷🇴🇳🇿🌶

Ever since we went live the team has been hard at work to continue making STM a leading global oracle of data and media in the tokenized securities space. From restructuring our data backend for efficient infrastructure to launching STM.Co for a user-friendly frontend to making even higher-quality reports and more!

Have questions for us? Not sure if you want to join the journey with us yet? Great! We're going to be hosting our weekly Twitter Spaces this Thursday at 1pm EST but with a little spin...

You can ask Brian Fraioli from our funding portal and some of the team about STM and ourselves! Come hear us talk tokens, crowdfunding Do's and Don'ts, STM, and ask us anything you'd like along the way.

This is not financial advice. Do your own research and consult your lawyer, financial advisor, and/or CPA before making any investment decision.

🏦 Kaiser Partner Privatbank Joins SDX as First Liechtenstein-based CSD Member

The partnership between SIX Digital Exchange (SDX) and Kaiser Partner Privatbank is significant for several reasons. Firstly, it marks a significant milestone for SDX as Kaiser Partner Privatbank becomes the first Liechtenstein-based member on its Central Securities Depository (CSD) platform. This move will further strengthen the platform's network of participating members and bring new opportunities for asset managers, family offices, and investors.

If you’re not familiar with SDX’s CSD platform, I covered it not long ago on STM.Co when SDX was cleared to tokenize Euro bonds by FINMA. In essence, their Central Securities Depository is integrated with euroSIC which enables those tokenized euro bonds to “untokenize” and be converted back to fiat.

This service is only available to member banks and now Kaiser Partner Privatbank is one of them along with CM Equity, Credit Suisse, and UBS.

Moreover, the partnership is crucial to SDX's mission of providing institutional clients with innovative, trusted, and efficient financial market infrastructure and services for digital assets. As the first fully regulated FMI for digital assets in Switzerland, SDX's CSD offering is poised to improve efficiency throughout the investment process, and Kaiser Partner Privatbank's services will help to further enhance this.

The move also reflects the increasing demand for digital assets, with more and more financial institutions seeking to provide clients with innovative and efficient digital asset solutions.

Don't believe me?

I know... 2 suits GIFs in 1 newsletter... I'm rewatching it right now, highly recommend!

All good let me call our Head of Research Peter Gaffney real quick for ya!

He said go check out this week's newsletter by STA, The ReCap, which just went out as well!

Overall, the partnership between SDX and Kaiser Partner Privatbank is a significant step in building out the platform and creating a strong network of participating members. As more financial institutions join the platform, the digital asset ecosystem will become more robust, providing clients with greater access to innovative financial market infrastructure and services.

💦 What else is Drippin’

This Week's Twitter Spaces: STM and Securitize - Ask Us Anything

Our weekly Twitter Spaces are always packed with fantastic panels and this week STM is the panel along with Brian Fraioli from Securitize. Securitize is our funding portal where you can find our offering, deal room, and invest!

Come ask us any lingering questions you may have and the team will answer as much as possible.

This year's edition is all about the most significant moves in the institutional adoption of tokenized assets, and let me tell you, it's MASSIVE. We've got all the heavy hitters you'd expect, like KKR and JPMorgan, but also some exciting new players like AllianceBernstein, Figure & Provenance, and Regulated Liability Network (RLN).

Trust us. You won't want to miss this deep dive into the world of institutional security tokens. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be wowed by all the action in The State of Security Tokens 2023 - Institutional Edition.👇

State of Security Tokens 2023

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