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1️⃣ 🔨 STM is Coming to a City Near You: TokenizeThis Workshop Tour

2️⃣ 👑 There’s a New King Bond: KfW Bank’s €4.3 Billion Issuance

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Your First Captivating Topic of the Week

🔨 STM is Coming to a City Near You: TokenizeThis Workshop Tour

TokenizeThis 2024 closed out with an insightful workshop, helping asset owners and financial professionals understand various aspects of the tokenized RWA securities industry.

It was so well received the TokenizeThis Workshop is now going on tour across the US!

Do you or someone you know have assets you’d like to tokenize? Not sure how to do so?
In order to take advantage of this new burgeoning technology, one must understand beyond the technicals and learn about the market, the new procedures, and the best practices to follow. This workshop is for you!

Composed of 5 sessions, the TokenizeThis Workshop is a full day masterclass focuses on an industry overview, the tokenization lifecycle, and liquidity strategies to name a few. Interested in joining us? Use WD15 for 15% off!

In any given city you’ll get to meet the team, absorb invaluable knowledge, and of course network with other forward-thinking leaders such as yourself! But don’t take our word for it, check out a couple testimonials from the May 2024 workshop 👇

This is not financial advice.

Your Second Captivating Topic of the Week

👑 There’s a New King Bond: KfW Bank’s €4.3 Billion Issuance

STM has been tracking tokenized debt which can be found on STM Charts and up to this point we saw multiple issuances in the billions… but we now have a new leader in this asset class: KfW Bank with a €4.3B bond.

We’ll onboard the details soon but as a loyal STM follower and What’s Drippin’ reader you get first dibs! Coming with a value date of 7/2/2024 (tomorrow), this bond was issued via Clearstream which uses Deutsche Börse’s D7 platform. This is a low-coupon bond with maturity coming in 3 years.

Because this isn’t on a public blockchain it’ll be tougher to track trading activity, however the STM Data Team is doing its best to gather as many details as possible as we onboard. As noted in our RWA Securities Market Update: May 2024 report, this is a recurring theme in the institutional debt space, with another trend being that they usually issue from one institution to another or even within the same firm (different arms). This speaks towards their focus on efficiencies rather than liquidity or broader investor access. That said, we do see other bonds starting to become more accessible to retail investors… keep an eye out for more coverage on that 😉 

You may notice on STM Charts there’s an interactive map, showing bond issuances around the world. Deutsche Börse’s €3B corporate bond used to “put Germany on the tokenized debt map,” no longer the case as KfW comes in. Additionally that one was split into 3 tranches with varying maturities, amounts, and coupons compared to this single issuance!

Want to see more examples of tokenized debt and explore the map?

This is not financial advice.

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Companies of the Week

Kyle’s Pick: Laser Digital

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(NEW) RWA Securities Market Update: May 2024

We're excited to release the May 2024 edition of our RWA Securities Market Update report, which now features benchmarks against the CoinDesk 20 Index (CD20)! In this month’s market report, we have meticulously tracked over 575 security tokens spanning across 35 marketplaces and 10 blockchains.

Sections include:

  • Key Takeaways

  • Quantitative Highlights

  • Asset Class Breakdown

  • On-Chain Liquidity Products

  • Platform Spotlight

  • New Tokens and Announcements

State of Security Tokens 2023 - Q4 Report

We are very excited to publish our State of Security Tokens 2023 - Q4 report with our client and sponsor Blue Water Financial Technologies . Peter Gaffney and the Security Token Advisors team cover the following topics:

  • Key retail & institutional themes in the tokenization and real world assets space including:

    • Treasury, private credit, and real estate growth

    • Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) originations and securitizations

    • Investment banking platforms and digital bond placements

    • Global distribution channels & preferential jurisdictions

    • M&A and Investment Activity

  • Secondary Trading Activity (40+ graphs and charts from Security Token Market)

  • M&A and Investments

  • 50+ Service Provider Updates

  • Public and Private Blockchain Developments

This is not financial or investment advice.

TokenizeThis 2023: Highlights and Key Takeaways Report

We’re proud to have put together a free, 3-day event that resulted in shared insights valuable to both our retail and institutional audiences. That said, we recognize 3 days is a lot of content to take in so we did it for you!

Check out our report highlighting the key takeaways from the conference, quotes, and common themes across the panels.

Do you want your company or project in front of the largest, most curated security token audience on the planet?

If interested, please reach out to [email protected] to find out a way we can work together :)

Everything in this newsletter is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Nothing in this report should be taken as financial advice or as an inducement to purchase or sell any security. Nothing in this newsletter should be used as legal advice. Always do your own research before making any decisions regarding financial transactions of securities.