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As always, we have two captivating topics for you to dive into:

1️⃣ 💰 RealT Raises $3M in 10 Minutes

2️⃣ 🤝 Centrifuge’s Onchain Fund Management Platform

Without further ado, it's time to…

Get Liquid 💧

Your First Captivating Topic of the Week

💰 RealT Raises $3M in 10 Minutes

What an incredible past week we had! At this point you’ve all probably heard about the tokenized BlackRock USD Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund (BUIDL) with Securitize - a great development for the industry. Did you miss it? We covered it on this week’s Security Token Show, check it out!

Just as exciting, however, we also have RealT’s own security token offering. Leveraging a Swiss framework, Remy Jacobson and his team were able to host a $5M offering for their non-US investors, $3M of which filled in the first 10 minutes!

RealT raised the full $5M in less the 1 hour with a second round the next day (3/22/2024) of 10 % in less than 5 minutes.

How did they do it? Removing Friction.

RealT created a Swiss-based special purpose vehicle (SPV), RWA Holdings S.A., and used Switzerland’s DLT Act which allowed them to accept an unlimited amount of investors and more easily set an inclusive $50 minimum. What’s more interesting, however, is the lack of need for KYC - another point of friction removed from the equation.

RealT only made this offering available to non-US investors which under this framework can freely transfer their equity tokens amongst other individuals, DeFi applications (dApps), and more. That being said, KYC would then be required to interact with RealT such as receiving dividends. Until then though do as you please!

Gnosis Scan

According to a snapshot from Gnosis, at 2,350 token holders at the time of writing that averages out to $2,340.43 per investor (of course some invested significantly more or less than that).

Aside from already having a platform of investors consistently purchasing tokenized real estate, it’s also important to note RealT prepped them for this equity offering via education on their blog and community calls across different languages - something they’ve been doing for a long time.

People invest in people and what better way to convey that than through transparency, AMAs, and all RealT does to help provide value to their investor base including consistently evolving the RealT ecosystem. From providing liquidity through automated market makers or collateralized loans through Aave, the company has always made it clear their investors are top of mind.

For more on BlackRock and RealT, check out Herwig’s blog post!

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Carlos Domingo, CEO at Securitize, will be doing a fireside chat on Day 2 of the conference, shining light on all they’ve been working on, insights from his institutional partners, and may even give us more details on this monumental announcement.

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Your Second Captivating Topic of the Week

🤝 Centrifuge’s Onchain Fund Management Platform

With institutions coming on-chain faster than ever it’s crucial to have infrastructure for them, especially the closer it is to DeFi. That’s exactly what Centrifuge is doing here.

Specifically looking at private credit, we’ve seen it grow in the tokenization space and Centrifuge is looking to cater towards credit funds via their new fund management platform. One of the biggest problems they’re solving for includes capturing “an entire fund's onchain and offchain portfolio positions, transactions, and operations data in a secure, immutable, and reportable manner.”

From reporting to securitization to calculating distribution waterfalls and beyond, it seems like Centrifuge thought of quite a good amount of benefits towards using their platform. This makes sense as the name of the game when it comes to institutions is operational efficiency and savings.

So who’s going to jump in first?

Great question! Anemoy built their regulated BVI fund on Centrifuge and they’ll be integrating with Trident Trust to manage it. A forward thinker, Trident Trust has been involved in digital assets for fund administration, fund launches, crypto workflows, accounting, and other services making them a great candidate to be working with Anemoy and Centrifuge.

We're excited to work with Anemoy to build one of the first tokenized, regulated funds that maintains an onchain record of portfolio data and net asset valuations. This increases transparency while streamlining typically burdensome reporting and reconciliation processes. The work we’re doing to launch a fund on Centrifuge will be applicable to any future asset manager with a similar vision

David Mungall, Trident Trust’s Head of Fund Administration for the Caribbean.

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💦 What else is Drippin’

STM Updates

New Feature Coming This Week

Displaying financial data on tokenized securities has been STM’s bread and butter for the past 5 years. As the industry continues to evolve, however, there will be more information to track and analyze… we’re here to help aggregate and visualize that as best as possible for you.

With that in mind, can you guess what we’ll be launching this week? Follow our social media for the announcement!

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We are very excited to publish our State of Security Tokens 2023 - Q4 report with our client and sponsor Blue Water Financial Technologies . Peter Gaffney and the Security Token Advisors team cover the following topics:

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