💰 Rialto Markets is Making Moves

🤝 STA’s Success Network is Live

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1️⃣ 💰 Rialto Markets is Making Moves

2️⃣ 🤝 STA’s Success Network is Live

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💰 Rialto Markets is Making Moves

As you all know, the STM team covers regulatory changes, new platforms, and of course new tokens among other pieces of news. That said, we noticed Rialto Markets has been making a quite a few headlines lately!

Here are some of 2023’s:

  • Rialto Markets to host Consumer Cooperative Group’s $5m Reg CF capital raise

  • Rialto Markets partners with Issuance to Offer Issuers Preferred Rates; Announces Joint Webinar

  • Rialto Markets powers its newest issuer, Inland Mid-Continent Corporation, on its $10m Regulation A+ capital raise

  • Equity management solutions leaders Astrella announce partnership with Rialto Markets

If Shiv from Succession were their CEO, Shari Noonan, I’d say “I’m no songwriter BUT I will do a newsletter!”

Alright let’s dive in 👇

Their latest news is for investors! Rialto Markets is hosting Consumer Cooperative Group’s (CCG) $5M RegCF capital raise.

CCG is a Minnesota-based business development firm disciplined in real estate. Real Estate Investment Cooperative (REIC) is their flagship products, allowing anyone to own real estate indirectly while still enjoying the benefits. This allows for pro-rata ownership and lower ticket sizes, allowing for more people to own a piece!

Their Reg CF capital raise alongside CCG’s expertise has a goal of helping more organizations build businesses with a focus on a more equitable and sustainable economy.

This next piece of news is for issuers! Issuance and Rialto Markets entered into a partnership for preferred rates.

Issuance is an equity crowdfunding platform lead by Darren Marble, the man also behind the Going Public show. Crowdfunding can be a bit expensive and it’s especially impactful to growing businesses, where every dollar counts. It sounds like both Issuance and Rialto Markets understand this, hence their partnership.

I’m not sure what the preferred rates are yet, however here’s what each brings to the table:

  • Rialto Markets: Broker-dealer bringing expertise in crowdfunding regulations and allowing issuers to own long-term relationships with investors through RegA+ offerings

  • Issuance: Issuance Express white-label solution allows issuers to own the investment experience. This includes a self-branded landing page with one-click check out including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other standard payment options… talk about frictionless 😉 

Here’s a webinar the two firms hosted together to expand on this news, check it out!

Great job Shari Noonan, Joel Steinmetz, and team! Keep bringing the news and we’ll keep covering it.

Rainmakers, check out the other headlines as well and let us know your thoughts! Future coverage can be found here on What’s Drippin', STM.Co, The Security Token Show, or even the STA Success Network!

Wait what’s the STA Success Network??

Great question… let’s dive into topic #2!

🤝 STA’s Success Network is Live

Introducing the largest research consortium for security tokens… the STA Success Network!

Well that was a fun trailer by our very own Nick Steffen! 👏🏼

Tell me more Jason, what’s the Success Network all about? 🤔 
The Success Network is designed be a members-only platform for stakeholders in the tokenization space to connect with each other & the STA team, receive exclusive industry insights, have access to their direct resources, and more all in one place.

As you'll notice, one of the Success Network member benefits is a weekly insights email with exclusive research and commentary. This is highly valuable as STA has their ear to the ground with everything and anything going on in tokenization due to the nature of their client work!

This means insights on institutions participating, who's working with who & its impacts, member updates and even how the market is doing (thanks to STM data 😏) among other topics.

Curious as to what it'll look like? Here’s a sample email from back in March, go check it out!

The weekly email is only part of what the Success Network has to offer! STA recently hosted a talk with former SEC Enforcement Chief, Marc Powers, Esq. whose recently joined Security Token Group as an advisor. Over time you can expect more talks with leaders in the space, such as Marc.

Marc Powers’ Session

Of course, these sessions are only available to Success Network members.

STA also hosts their resource library in the network platform. Think of the resource library as an abyss of knowledge encompassing the full tokenization process and then some. From regulatory frameworks to platform/vendor profiles to case studies, you’ll find everything you need in there!

What if I have a question on one of the documents in the resource library or need clarification on how it applies to me? 
No worries, join our weekly STA Office Hours!

With over 100 members, the STA Success Network already features members ranging from financial professionals to technology experts and active tokenization pioneers. A list of some of the featured members includes the following:

Law Firms – Sosnow & Associates, Winston & Strawn, and Zuber Lawler

Brokerage Firms – Dalmore Group, EquityShift, Oasis Pro Markets, Rialto Markets, Securitize Markets, and tZERO

Technology Providers – Blockstation, Coinbase, DigiShares, LombardWorks, Securitize, Securrency, Tokeny and tZERO

Blockchain Protocols – Accumulate, Avalanche, and Provenance

Token Issuers – Fairchild Acquisition, recently SEC approved Reg A+ issuer Freeport, and XY Labs

We hope to see you in the network - Founding Member status and lifetime pricing is available only until May 31st, 2023!

The programming STA has is fantastic, offering plenty of opportunities to jump into specific topics to discuss with industry leaders and the STA team directly. By bringing the industry together in the STA network, we are seeing more collaboration and activity across companies. It’s great to see STA leading the market today in tokenization education, thought leadership and content.

Anthony Bassili, Head of Asset Allocators & Tokenization at Coinbase

💦 What else is Drippin’

With Real-World Assets (RWA) shaping up to be the theme of 2023 within digital assets, Security Token Market just published a primer that looks at 13 public blockchains and sample cases, as well as shows some love to initiatives on the private blockchain side.

RWAs can take the form of real estate, private funds, mortgages, asset-backed securities, even receivables. Essentially, onboarding traditional or existing assets to the blockchain in order to make use of them in the DeFi ecosystem. The idea is that 1) real-world assets serve as superior collateral than an unbacked stablecoin or digital asset and 2) investors and asset owners yearn to make use of the DeFi ecosystem (lending, swapping, real-time settlement) in a controlled and compliant manner. Ideally, the DeFi ecosystem will provide asset owners with added benefits and precision NOT found in the traditional capital markets landscape.

Keep in mind this is geared towards:
-prospective security token issuers with models from active issuers
-asset managers
-tokenization service providers like digital broker-dealers & issuance platforms
-Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains, and private networks

This is not financial or investment advice.

Everything in this report is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Nothing in this report should be taken as financial advice or as an inducement to purchase or sell any security. Nothing in this market report should be used as legal advice. Always do your own research before making any decisions regarding financial transactions of securities.