📈 New Token Listing: Republic Note on INX

👩‍🎨 Tokenized Fine Art Fund: Artory/Winston, SDAX, and Apex Group

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1️⃣ 📈 New Token Listing: Republic Note on INX

2️⃣ 👩‍🎨 Tokenized Fine Art Fund: Artory/Winston, SDAX, and Apex Group

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Your First Captivating Topic of the Week

📈 New Token Listing: Republic Note on INX

Exciting news coming from the crowdfunding world as Republic prepares to list their profit-sharing security token on INX through Avalanche this coming Wednesday December 6th, 2023. Keeping in mind their values around democratization of finance, this token will be available for all investors - accredited or not!

What’s the Republic Note?
Great question! Republic has a venture portfolio of 750+ private companies. If any of them sell, offer dividends, or have any other liquidity event the profits generated go towards a pool to be distributed to the Note holders.

Considering it’s a security token, it makes sense that these distributions are sent via USDC to investors’ wallets which is triggered whenever the pool reaches $2M.

Learn more on this interview with Avalanche and Republic from the Security Token Show 👇

What do you mean by democratization of finance?
Republic was one of the first platforms to leverage Regulation Crowdfunding for private companies to raise capital from retail, non-accredited investors.

Prior to RegCF, it was much harder for any retail investor to get investment access to private companies; usually because they didn’t meet the income threshold for accreditation or simply because of high investment minimums.

It makes sense for INX and Republic to be working together on this as they both share this mission specifically with private, pre-IPO companies. While Republic brings a lot of the primary market and its user base, INX brings secondary markets for these assets which speaks to the pending acquisition Republic is to make of INX (deadline extended through February 2023).

Here are some stats on the Note as of today:

  • Note represents investment across 623 companies

  • Price per Note: $0.36

  • Notes in Circulation: ~$372M

  • Market Cap: ~$133M

Learn more on Republic and keep an eye out for the Note coming live on INX on Wednesday!

A Message from The Security Token Show

Have you noticed anything different on The Security Token Show? We have a new format to cover more news, new segments, and for the first time in 4 years we are bringing on guests and interviewees to comment on exciting announcements during the show! Last week we were joined by Stephen Ashurst and Daron Pearce from Tokenbridge.

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Your Second Captivating Topic of the Week

👩‍🎨 Tokenized Fine Art Fund: Artory/Winston, SDAX, and Apex Group

In light of Art Basel being hosted in Miami (STM HQ) this week it’s only fitting we cover Artory/Winston tokenizing a fund around fine art. The private art and collectibles asset manager announced they’re working with SDAX Exchange and Apex Group to bring their art fund on-chain which will be accessible to Asian private market investors.

The fund will be comprised of around 200 investments across 60-80 artists in the following categories:

  • Emerging Artists

  • Mid-Career Artists

  • Blue-Chip Artists

Winston Art Group, a leading art appraisal and advisory firm, conducts due diligence on each of the artworks prior to any investment. Their partner in this, Artory, captures the information and brings artwork on-chain which results in an audit-ready asset.

This is good news for investors, offering access to an exciting asset class with historical returns comparable to venture capital and private equity, but which has previously been prohibitively expensive. It is also great news for the art world, with this fund supporting both established and emerging artistic careers.

Bruce Jackson, CFA | Director, Chief of Digital Asset Funds and Business at Apex Group

Art is now a bit more accessible and Artory/Winston enhances it with their data and tech to deliver returns for their investors after selling the art. That being said, this is still a fund with a goal of providing an institutional-grade offering. As such they’re working with Apex Group for independent fund administration.

If you’re in Asian markets or know someone there, keep an eye out for this on SDAX coming soon. The $100M fund will be accessible to accredited investors in Singapore and qualified investors across Asia on the regulated secondary markets platform.

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