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New Project Guardian Entrant and Tokenized MMFs for Payments

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As always, we have two captivating topics for you to dive into:

1️⃣ 🇩🇪 Deutsche Bank is Joining Project Guardian

2️⃣ 💸 Glasstower Enabling Cross Border Payments with Tokenized Money Market Funds

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Your First Captivating Topic of the Week

🇩🇪 Deutsche Bank is Joining Project Guardian

Project Guardian is a collaborative effort to test tokenization, feasibility, interoperability, and other blockchain applications. Although it’s led by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, it’s made headlines worldwide.

Deutsche Bank has recently announced they’ll be joining Project Guardian on the wealth management workstream (one of multiple focuses in this working group).

The bank will test an open architecture and interoperable blockchain platform to service tokenized and digital funds. It will then propose protocol standards and identify best practice to contribute to industry progress.

Deutsche Bank Press Release

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen wealth management be addressed as a use case for tokenizing RWAs though. In fact we just hosted a whole panel at TokenizeThis 2024 breaking it down with participants from a Project Guardian proof of concept on this topic. Prefaced with an overview presentation from Stephanie Lok, product manager at Onyx by JPMorgan, this panel included Maredith Hannon from WisdomTree, Anthony Moro from Provenance, and Bob Yostpille from Oasis Pro.

One of the findings from their proof of concept includes reducing portfolio rebalancing (100,000 portfolios) from 3,000 steps to a few clicks of a button. Another is 18% in operational savings on the portfolio level.

Want an overview on Project Guardian and deep dive into this proof of concept? Watch the replay from TokenizeThis 2024! 👇

While this proof of concept already generated tangible results from an operational and interoperability perspective, I’m curious to see what Deutsche Bank and their involvement yields. According to the press release, their focus will be on fund management and investment services.

They’ll be working with Memento Blockchain (a DeFi and hyper-chain zero-knowledge specialist) and Interop Labs, the initial developer of the Axelar network which was used for interoperability in the proof of concept just covered.

This is not financial advice.

Your Second Captivating Topic of the Week

💸 Glasstower Enabling Cross Border Payments with Tokenized Money Market Funds

Money market funds (MMFs) have been the talk of town with the recent battle in AUM between BlackRock’s BUIDL and Franklin Templeton’s BENJI in addition to others available such as WisdomTree’s WTGXX (all visible on STM.Co)

But this does raise the question… why tokenize a money market fund? We’ve heard of multiple use cases such as treasury management and parking money on-chain, earning yield and limiting on and off ramp. Now we’re seeing cross border payments coming to light via Glasstower Digital.

Using Tassat Group’s technology, this will enable corporate payments instead of the popular bank to bank payments we’ve seen in other use cases such as tokenized deposits. Keeping payments as instant and as cheap as possible is a dream come true for companies worldwide. Tassat’s tech isn’t necessarily a new kid in the playground either, they’ve processed $1.8 trillion compared to JPM Coin’s $1 trillion… no easy task!

What can they do with these tokenized MMFs? The easiest answer is get paid quickly while earning yield as soon as you receive them. Looking further, however, we can also see this eliminating friction towards investing in other on-chain assets/ DeFi applications as the cash equivalent is already held onchain. Late last year we also saw JPMorgan and Barclays use tokenized MMF units to post margin. The possibilities are endless and businesses are about to experience payments & cash management in a whole new way!

What else are we seeing in payments and settlement? Check out this panel that Peter Gaffney (Head of Research) and I co-moderated at TokenizeThis 2024, joined by Broadridge, Hashnote, and Zero Hash!

This is not financial advice.

💦 What else is Drippin’


STM Monthly Report - March 2024

We're excited to release the March 2024 edition of our monthly report! March 2024 has been a remarkable month for the tokenized securities space with the launch of BlackRock’s BUIDL fund via Securitize, increased volumes across ALL asset classes, and RealT’s capital raise leveraging a Swiss framework to name a few catalysts.

In this month’s market report, we have meticulously tracked over 532 security tokens spanning across 12 marketplaces and 10 blockchains.

Sections include:
👉 Key Takeaways
👉 Asset Class Breakdown
👉 Marketplace Spotlights
👉 On-Chain Treasury Products
👉 New Tokens and Announcements

State of Security Tokens 2023 - Q4 Report

We are very excited to publish our State of Security Tokens 2023 - Q4 report with our client and sponsor Blue Water Financial Technologies . Peter Gaffney and the Security Token Advisors team cover the following topics:

  • Key retail & institutional themes in the tokenization and real world assets space including:

    • Treasury, private credit, and real estate growth

    • Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) originations and securitizations

    • Investment banking platforms and digital bond placements

    • Global distribution channels & preferential jurisdictions

    • M&A and Investment Activity

  • Secondary Trading Activity (40+ graphs and charts from Security Token Market)

  • M&A and Investments

  • 50+ Service Provider Updates

  • Public and Private Blockchain Developments

This is not financial or investment advice.

TokenizeThis: Highlights and Key Takeaways Report

We’re proud to have put together a free, 3-day event that resulted in shared insights valuable to both our retail and institutional audiences. That said, we recognize 3 days is a lot of content to take in so we did it for you!

Check out our report highlighting the key takeaways from the conference, quotes, and common themes across the panels.

Do you want your company or project in front of the largest, most curated security token audience on the planet?

If interested, please reach out to [email protected] to find out a way we can work together :)

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