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1️⃣ 👩‍🎤 Music NFTs are all the rage: Music NFTs are cool, but are they cool if they are uncompliant? Also, Tyga and K-Pop artists are doing music NFTs now!

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👩‍🎤Music NFTs are all the rage

Music NFTs seem to be all the rage in the industry.

But, do music NFT holders know that they either are holding an unregistered security or something with zero economical rights to the artist?

Maybe, maybe not.

After observing and investing in NFTs with my security token background, I've developed a healthy perspective on the whole NFT extravaganza.

In my opinion, NFTs are best used as a vehicle for holders to access a specific community, person, artist, or any type of IRL (in real life) benefits.

99% of NFTs that are just pictures will die off because the value is derived from the hype and newness of the technology.

NFTs are no esoteric idea, they are simply a Web3 version of membership and the ones that will succeed are the ones that will stand the test of time.

If crypto dies what happens to the project?

Now, let's talk music NFTs.

I'd break down NFTs into two types:

  1. Access

  2. Securities

When I say access I am referring to the NFTs that simply give the holder access to the artist whether that means tickets to a concert, unreleased songs, talking to them, etc.

When I say securities, I am inferring that holders have the rights to royalties or some sort of ownership in the artists' music.

I do want to preface that I believe this is a super cool way to monetize music and I fully support it.

Compliantly, we've seen artists like Lil Pump and Kyle do this successfully with both of them raising several hundred thousand through crowdfunding portals Republic and WeFunder.

Uncompliantly, we've seen 3LAU just completely ignore securities laws and team up with some of the biggest artists in the world by offering token holders royalty rights to their music.

They even went as far as to imply that these investments will go up, directly on their website with zero disclosures stating:

"Collectors can claim royalties for the music they own after they’ve accrued. When artists grow, everyone wins."

I know, I know, it was a tough read for me too.

Now, I am not a lawyer, but I also have a very good understanding of securities laws.

I like what Royal is doing, but it's just unfortunately illegal.

The next music NFT token on my radar is the MMT (Meta Music Token), which in my opinion is the more attractive of the music NFT royalty-backed tokens I've seen.

Not only is it compliant, but the token also gives investors rights to royalties from 6 different songs and 7 different artists!

In case one of the songs or artist flops, one of the songs is bound to do better.

MMT represents the rights to future revenue streams coming from music royalties generated from top-tier artists’ latest songs.

The portfolio itself includes 6 songs from top-tier artists who are famous around the globe including Tyga, CL, Jay Park, BamBam, PENTAGON, AB6IX, and Kim Se-Jeong.

On top of that, one of the songs "Wheels up" is a collaboration of BamBam, MAYZIN, Golden State Entertainment (GSE), and NewStyle Media Group!

BamBam, a global ambassador for Golden State Entertainment and the Golden State Warriors, debuted “Wheels Up” during a halftime performance of a Golden State Warriors game on April 7!

So, in summary, the Golden State Warriors are kinda in the tokenization game now.

Let's take a look at the terms:

  • Ticker: MMT

  • Blockchain: Algorand

  • Hard Cap: $3,300,000

  • Available Investors: Accredited US Investors

  • BD: Texture Capital

  • Public Launch Date: TBA

Learn more about their offering here:

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