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🤝 Meet Security Token Prime - Your New Tokenization Home

Get the latest news, charts, and research from the experts in the RWA field.

Goooood Morning, Rainmakers! ☀️

This is not your typical What’s Drippin’ Newsletter and that’s because we come with some special news…

So without further ado, it's time to…

Get Liquid 💧

You may have heard of the STA Success Network, the members-only research consortium from Security Token Advisors.

Well we’re happy to announce it’s getting a facelift, members will benefit from additional resources, and it’s now completely free for everyone!

🤝 Introducing…

Security Token Prime was born to help the industry's participants benefit from the expertise of both Security Token Advisors and Security Token Market.

In one place, you can plug into what's happening in the industry, access deep research & fresh data charts, and benefit from the community tools and resources. And it’s COMPLETELY FREE!

Tell me more, what’s the platform all about? 🤔 
Let’s review some of the features you get for signing up:

  • Access to News, Charts, and Weekly Insights

  • Upcoming Webinar Information and Recordings

  • Rich Research Library Covering Tokenization

  • Member Directory, Chat Rooms, Direct Messaging Tools

  • Vendor Partner List with Detailed Services Information

And that’s not all! But first let’s dig into some highlights.

The Weekly Intelligence Email

As you'll notice, one of the member benefits is the Security Token Prime Insights newsletter with exclusive research and commentary. This is highly valuable as the team has their ear to the ground with anything and everything going on in tokenization due to the nature of our client work, our data partners, and the Security Token Show!

This means insights on institutions participating, who's working with who & its impacts, member updates and even how the market is doing among other topics.

Curious as to what it looks like? Here’s a sample email from this past week, go check it out!

Exclusive Webinars and Community Meetings

The platform is the perfect place to learn directly from experts in the space, issuers, service providers, and institutions. Webinars will include:

  • Case Studies

  • Regulatory Breakdowns

  • New Issuances

  • Institutional Insights

  • Features from the Leading Service Providers

  • Networking Meet Ups

Our recent webinar with WisdomTree, Oasis Pro, and Provenance Blockchain Foundation on their recent pilot with Onyx by JPMorgan and Apollo

Of course, we’ll also be providing weekly office hours for you to chat with Herwig Konings, Peter Gaffney, and other guest members from STM & STA. Feel free to ask us anything related to recent tokenization news, trends, or even your own tokenization journey… we’re here to help!

The Resource Library

Security Token Prime also hosts their resource library in the network platform. Think of the resource library as an abyss of knowledge encompassing the full tokenization process and then some. From regulatory frameworks, to platform/vendor profiles, to case studies, you’ll find everything you need in there!

What if I have a question on one of the documents in the resource library or need clarification on how it applies to me? 
No worries, join the weekly Office Hours we mentioned above!

With over 200 members, Security Token Prime already features members ranging from financial professionals to technology experts and active tokenization pioneers. A list of some of the featured members includes the following:

Law Firms – Sosnow & Associates, Winston & Strawn, and Zuber Lawler

Brokerage Firms – Dalmore Group, EquityShift, Oasis Pro, Rialto Markets, Securitize Markets, and tZERO

Technology Providers – RE Tokens, Coinbase, DigiShares, RedSwan CRE, Equity Shift, LombardWorks, Securitize, Tokeny, InvestReady, and Ledgible

Blockchain Protocols – Accumulate, Avalanche, and Provenance

Token Issuers – RedSwan CRE, SEC approved Reg A+ issuer Freeport, and XY Labs

Why is Security Token Prime Free? Thanks to Our Enterprise Partners: