💦 Let's get liquid

🇧🇧 Securitize isn't messin' around & Tokenise is regulated in Barbados!

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As always, I have two captivating topics for you to dive into:

1️⃣  Let's get liquid: Securitize launched two new tokenized fund products granting institutional and accredited investors exposure to crypto and emerging assets!

2️⃣  Tokenise & Polymesh mesh well: Tokenise is now a fully-regulated security token exchange based in Barbados that is leveraging the Polymesh blockchain!

Without further ado, it's time to…

Get liquid 💧

💦 Let's get liquid 

The convergence of traditional securities and blockchain is here!

Securitize, one of the leading issuance and end-to-end security token platforms, announced today the launch of two tokenized funds:

Let's get basic on these funds:

Benefits: Inflation hedge potential, diversified crypto exposure, low fees, liquidity, and secure asset management and custody!

Benefits: Global capital markets exposure to 490+ equities that will be transformative, such as robotics, AI, and more!

(Same for both funds)⬇️

Management Fee: .50%

Minimum Investment: $50,000

Investor Demographics: US and International Accredited

Liquidity: Tradable on the Securitize Markets ATS after the lock-up period expires (the US is 12-months & international is 6 months)

Protocol: Algorand

Custodian Partner: Anchorage and Copper (Interactive brokers for Kensho fund)

You had me at liquidity!

Not only do these funds have a liquidity component, but it finally gets rid of the custody headache the majority of people have been experiencing with crypto!

This is a monumental milestone in institutional innovation and the adoption of blockchain for everyone, as it shows there is a great demand and understanding of tokenized investment products.

I have said this from the beginning - when we hit mainstream adoption, no one will have to know how blockchain works.

If that was the case, we would never make it lol.

Do you know how the internet works?

I sure don't and I don't care.

All I know is I can do a lot more than I was able to do before.

It's the same with security tokens!

In the case of these security token fund products, the investors will realize they have the option to actually trade their LP interest whenever they want!

I'm talking 24/7, 365 liquIdity baby!


No longer are investors required to wait 5-7 years before getting their money out!

Welcome to the future. 🤝

💪 Tokenise & Polymesh mesh well

Just this past week, a HUGE announcement came from the Tokenise and Polymesh teams!

Tokenise, a fully-regulated stock exchange based in Barbados, is set to become one of the few exchanges that enable security token trading!

Tokenise elected to use the purpose-built blockchain Polymesh, of course.

As I have said in the past when entities leverage a permissioned-blockchain, regulatory authorities are more likely to approve this kind of blockchain.


Enforcement organizations like the SEC always want to have some sense of control.

With public blockchains, you don't have control, you are just another user on the network.

In essence, Polymesh enables you to have more control of the network, while at the same time leveraging the benefits of blockchain efficiencies!

Mike Kessler, the CEO and Founder of Tokenise had this to say:

"As we enter the new year, we are really excited about the opportunities that will be brought to the market in 2022 and beyond. We have now put all the component pieces in place and we look forward to working with Polymath to help us secure our tokenisation strategy for the reporting, custody, and settlement of security tokens.’'

Mike Kessler, CEO and Founder of Tokenise

There are now several secondary trading venues where investors can trade security tokens, but Tokenise is definitely a unique one.

During our call, Mike mentioned they were going to focus on the direct-listing of alternative assets.

"Why is this unique?"

There are quadrillions of dollars worth of private and public assets around the globe that are either trading or sitting idly.

Once these assets are tokenized, they can directly-list the shares on an exchange like Tokenise to enable trading! 

There are two ways to secondary liquidity: Conduct an STO or tokenize an existing asset.

Many companies elect to do an STO, but it usually takes much longer before their asset commences trading.

The issue with this is it encompasses an extensive amount of time, capital, and lock-up periods depending on the jurisdiction and rulings leveraged, with no guarantee it will even succeed.

Tokenise decided to follow the direct-listing strategy and ambitiously plans to have multiple assets trading by Q1 of 2022!

Graeme Moore, Head of Tokenization at Polymesh had this to say about Tokenise:

"It's great to see Tokenise, a highly regulated and exciting company, utilize Polymesh for their offering. Their integration with a Central Securities Depository is a crucial step in proving that security tokens are flexible enough to accommodate any regulatory requirements thrown their way."

Graeme Moore, Head of Tokenization at Polymesh

When the assets go live on Tokenise, we will be tracking the data!

Stay tuned!

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