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  • 🛻 INX and Trucpal Announce Blockchain-Enabled Distribution

🛻 INX and Trucpal Announce Blockchain-Enabled Distribution

🇸🇻 A Wrench in Bukele’s Volcano Bonds

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As always, we have two captivating topics for you to dive into:

1️⃣ 🛻 INX and Trucpal Announce Blockchain-Enabled Distribution

2️⃣ 🇸🇻 A Wrench in Bukele’s Volcano Bonds

Without further ado, it's time to…

Get liquid💧

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🛻 INX and Trucpal Announce Blockchain-Enabled Distribution

Do you guys remember Trucpal’s security token offering on INX.One? I do, but here’s a refresher from when it was announced.


  • Trucpal’s parent company, HGC (BVI) Info Tech Ltd. (HGC), is a leading SaaS company serving the Chinese freight market.

  • With an annual output value of $1.5 trillion in 2020 and annual transportation volume of 52.1 billion tons in 2021 in the Chinese freight market, HGC believes that China is the world’s most promising digital freight market.

  • RegD/RegS offering in July 2022 (US Accredited and Non-US Investors)

  • Almost a year later, Trucpal and INX are offering Trucpal tokenholders a dividend in USDC


For issuers, HGC's dividend payout with INX enables greater opportunities to cut operational costs, engage with investors on a deeper level and raise capital. For investors, it provides liquidity and an opportunity for additional wealth creation that wasn't available before.

This dividend is coming to investors more than 6 months ahead of schedule, bringing this security token journey full circle. From token issuance, business development, revenue acquisition to dividend payment to investors, the HCG CEO feels this proves their full implementation with INX.One.

Not only that but Trucpal is now confident in accelerating their system expansion which they expect to drive faster user growth and sustainable growth returns for ecological stakeholders.

Considering how much goes into trucking, this seems like an interesting idea for ESG purposes yet keeping up with freight demand especially in such a populated country such as China thanks to Trucpal’s logistical solutions.

INX is widely known as a leader in the tokenized securities space with their SEC-registered transfer agent and first SEC-registered digital security IPO closing $84M from 7250 retail and institutional investors.

However there seems to be some dispute on Twitter on their claim to be the “first-ever blockchain-enabled dividend distribution." Let us know your thoughts! 👀

🇸🇻 A Wrench in Bukele’s Volcano Bonds

There has been news of bonds coming out of El Salvador to fund their Bitcoin mining operation using volcano energy. So far the expectation has been that they’d be open for investment in the summer of 2023, however…

This offering is expected to take place on Bitfinex, but according to the platform’s CTO the bonds may not be bonds after all. They’ll be shares of an operating company for this endeavor.

Let’s take a step back and look at the timeline.

El Salvador has already solidified a law permitting digital securities to be issued back in January of this year with a whopping 62-16 vote. This created legal framework for the issuance of the $1B bond and created new entities to oversee this operation such as the National Bitcoin Office, National Digital Assets Commission, and Bitcoin Fund Management Agency.

The problem, however, is that

When the idea of putting Bitcoin bonds was put forward, US Treasury interest rates were much lower. And this product, the bonds, would have generated a return of 7% per year.

Paolo Ardoino, CTO at Bitfinex

According to the CTO, as rates reach 4.5% this makes the bond products harder to sell. Instead, feedback from potential investors suggests the best pivot moving forward would be to turn the bond offering into an equity offering.

This would make tokenholders owners of the mining operation in El Salvador, an entity their government should now be forming.

Should we start referencing them as “Volcano Shares” instead of “Volcano Bonds” then?

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