🛀 I'm taking a break (A short one!)

🔋 Relax, regenerate, and recharge!

🛀 I'm taking a break from the newsletter

I know we've created a strong relationship via the world wide web, but don't worry this is just a short little break!

For the past 75 weeks, I have successfully sent out a weekly newsletter, without fail.

I've put my heart and soul into EVERY single week of content and plan on doing so in the future.

I conquered all of the excuses through sleepless nights, burnout, hardships, traveling, and more.

If you truly prioritize something, you will always find a way to get it done.

And I did this with one purpose... to spread the beautiful gospel of security tokens to you my subscribers or as I call you, my Rainmakers.

It has been an incredibly rewarding journey for me and I hope it has been one for you too.

With our crowdfund open and our new website 🤫 going live by the end of the year, it's time to audit my newsletter with some fresh ideas, a new edition, and maybe even a video segment. 👀

As much as it's admirable to push through and be consistent forever, it's actually more productive to take some time away to reevaluate to produce an even better work product.

Here's a little sneak peek to see what we have been cookin' up:

If you haven't noticed already, we break the norms on this newsletter... so buckle up and brace yourself for the new era of What's Drippin'!

I plan on coming back on September 26th with the next What's Drippin' edition - in the meantime, look out for a different type of email next week from our Head of Media, who will be highlighting some of the brightest companies to keep an eye out for!

As I take my short sabbatical and focus on making this the best newsletter on the planet, I would love some feedback.

If there's anything you would prefer to see more of or less of, please reply to this email.

One more poll!

Thank you!

I miss you already, see you in a bit!