👋 Friday Forecast: Hello World

Welcome to Friday Forecast by Jason Barraza

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Gooood Morning, Rainmakers! ☀️

Happy 2022! With a new year kicking off I thought I'd bring you a new(ish) newsletter:

What's Drippin: Friday Forecast

What's this?

I'll walk you through the layout in a sec, but essentially, I thought...

"If our rainmakers are starting off their week with Jonah's informative, creative, and funny newsletter... shouldn't they also end their week on a high note? 🤔"

- Me, December 2021

Yes, so here it is! 

For the coders out there: 

"Hello World"

Wait, who are you though?

Good question!

So, my name is Jason (you can call me Token Papi for short).

I'm Head of Growth and Operations at Security Token Market where I make sure our content gets to you in a timely fashion, while finding great opportunities for you all to both learn and take advantage of security tokens!

In addition, I'm also an advisor at Security Token Advisors (our sister company), helping companies tokenize themselves or individuals tokenize their asset. I'll dive a bit deeper into that later :)

So on a more fun note, who am I... like actually though 👇

Let's get basic on Jason:

  • I'm a Chipotle connoisseur: My record is eating Chipotle 7 days straight... beat that 😋

  • I'm a proud Mexican that envisions a world where the capital markets are democratized, giving everyone an equal chance at growing their wealth... keep an eye out for something new coming soon 🇲🇽

  • Working out is a must every morning with Token Boy John Pittman, co-founder Herwig Konings, and Head of Production Nick Steffen... we should tokenize a gym 💪

Enough about me, let's dive into the layout!

Here's the "forecast" on what to expect 👇

1️⃣ Security Token Advisors Client Spotlight:

As mentioned earlier, Security Token Market has a sister company called Security Token Advisors (STA). This is a group of consultants helping business go public while staying private...

Through security tokens!

STA helps clients structure their token, connects them with the right partners, finds liquidity strategies, and helps list on exchanges.

👉 the whole token process enchilada!

In this section, you'll typically find a spotlight on one of STA or STM's current or past clients so every week you get to read on a real company and their token!

2️⃣ Security Token Market Top 5:

The STM team creates A LOT of content every single week just for YOU... and there's more coming, so stay tuned 😉

That being said, sometimes you might miss a few.

So, here you'll find the top 5 pieces of content you should check out! 

Every STM content creator reading this right now

3️⃣ Leak of the Week:

This is going to be a fun portion to catch the hottest topic in crypto (not just tokens) of the week! 

Did someone get sued? You might read about it here.

Is there new regulatory news? I gotchu.

Is Ethereum finally dead? Jonah will MAKE me write it here 😂 

"I look forward to writing for all of you every week and hope you enjoy!" - Jason

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Follow me on Twitter for updates throughout the week and maybe even some this weekend 😉 

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