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🇬🇷 JPMorgan's Onyx is Doubling Down

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1️⃣ 🏡 Free Token from Fairchild

2️⃣ 🇬🇷 JPMorgan's Onyx is Doubling Down

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Homebase is a platform that enables users to invest in tokenized residential real estate for as little as $100. For the first time, you can invest in cash-flowing rental properties directly from your Solana wallet.

The company is launching in the fast growing McAllen, TX real estate market, providing investors with new opportunities to diversify their portfolios and take advantage of cash-flowing real estate on-chain.

🏡 Free Token from Fairchild

That's right, Fairchild Acquisition and AKRU are partnering up to raffle a $1,000 token including quarterly distributions! Instructions on how to enter the raffle will be on this week's Twitter Spaces so set your reminders and join us on Thursday at 1pm EST.

Who's Fairchild Acquisition though?

Great question! Fairchild is a group out of Chicago (my home city by the way 😉) that has over 20 years worth of experience in both commercial and residential real estate. Over their time in the space they've focused on transforming apartments into homes and turning investments into returns. From 2014 to 2018, Fairchild purchased and rehabbed approximately $10 million of buildings resulting in an overall value of greater than $15 million.

After establishing themselves by executing through a variety of projects of all sizes, they've decided to expand their horizons by tokenizing a couple of them on AKRU! 

Want to learn more about their president Sam Grossman and why he decided to tokenize? Check out the interview we did with him!👇 

Let's explore his tokenized properties, first we have Fry:

Fry is a recently redeveloped, 7-unit, 4,700 square foot apartment building. According to a recent CoStar report, Chicago is one of the most stable multifamily markets in the country. Fry has an impressive array of tenant amenities including controlled access, security systems, fenced yard, patio area, and hardwood floors.

This is in the highly walkable and bikeable neighborhood of Ukrainian Village which has grown to have a strong sense of community made of both growing families and young professionals. 

And now Leavitt:

Leavitt is a recently redeveloped 6-unit, 6,042 square foot apartment building. This newly renovated property in Chicago’s stable multifamily market boasts strong in-place rents. Leavitt offers a wide range of tenant amenities including air conditioning, ceiling fans, high-end kitchens and bathrooms, cable, and a balcony.

This property is also in the Ukrainian Village which is only 2 miles away from the West Loop. Why does that matter? Google, Facebook, McDonald's, and LinkedIn all have their midwestern headquarters there! That means young professionals working at those offices will likely want to live nearby AKA Fry or Leavitt. High quality tenants = less risk of them not making rent = not a bad idea for a property you may invest in 👀 

So with all that said, wouldn't a free $1000 token be great?? I think so! 

If you want to enter the raffle just join our Twitter Spaces on Thursday at 1pm EST where you can learn more from Sam and ask him your own questions! Even if you don't win, you can still invest in the properties via AKRU's platform using their respective buttons above. Both offerings are ending in 15 days so check them out ASAP!

This is not financial advice. Do your own research and consult your lawyer, financial advisor, and/or CPA before making any investment decision.

🇬🇷 JPMorgan's Onyx is Doubling Down

Remember JPMorgan built Onyx to explore blockchain in payments and securities? They've already surpassed $350B in volume of tokenized repurchase agreements (repos) and other products via their Tokenized Collateral Network on Onyx consisting of Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas, and DBS!

They're now expanding by opening a new blockchain innovation lab in Greece! This is part of their Blockchain Launch group and meant to be build more applications to run on Onyx for the bank, starting with payments and digital identity solutions.

The innovation lab will also offer R&D services on blockchain, AI, and cryptography to other payments businesses worldwide. Smart move JPM: payment solutions using their R&D might be automatically Onyx-compatible!

Head of Blockchain Launch and Onyx Digital Assets Tyrone Lobban is hiring 4 positions for this new post including software engineers and a tech manager. Considering how many things they're trying to do with this lab, I'm not surprised they're hiring quickly!

Digital identity is one of the things they'll be tackling first and it makes sense considering how many other services they already offer that could be enhanced with blockchain. You know how you can log in to your Chase or Bank of America app and see your checking account, savings account, credit cards, 401K, and more?

Now add in a crypto wallet, NFT wallet, ID's, and of course security tokens! 🤯

JPMorgan is already working on digital wallets in partnership with 6 other banks including Bank of America and Wells Fargo. All of these banks already use Zelle with each other so another collaboration, especially in blockchain, shouldn't be an issue. Why work together? To compete against PayPal and ApplePay! 

If they pull this off, do you think you'll stick with your bank's digital wallet or 3rd parties you currently use? Let us know on Twitter!

💦 What else is Drippin’

This Week's Twitter Spaces: Fairchild Acquisition and AKRU - Giveaway for Attendees

Our weekly Twitter Spaces are always packed with fantastic panels and this week is extra special as we're doing a giveaway! Come learn more about Sam Grossman's tokenized properties in Chicago, how you can invest in multiple offerings on AKRU, and enter a raffle for a $1000 token.

This year's edition is all about the most significant moves in the institutional adoption of tokenized assets, and let me tell you, it's MASSIVE. We've got all the heavy hitters you'd expect, like KKR and JPMorgan, but also some exciting new players like AllianceBernstein, Figure & Provenance, and Regulated Liability Network (RLN).  

Trust us. You won't want to miss this deep dive into the world of institutional security tokens. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be wowed by all the action in The State of Security Tokens 2023 - Institutional Edition.👇  

State of Security Tokens 2023

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