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🚘 Car Financing, Real Estate, and More Are Hitting the Tokenization Highway

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As always, we have two captivating topics for you to dive into:

1️⃣ 🚘 Mexican Startup Tokenizes Debt to Finance Used Cars in Brazil: Kavak and Liqi

2️⃣ 🏡 MetaWealth Closes Round at EUR 50 million Valuation

Without further ado, it's time to…

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Your First Captivating Topic of the Week

🚘 Mexican Startup Tokenizes Debt to Finance Used Cars in Brazil: Kavak and Liqi

STM’s conference name “TokenizeThis” stems from an article series featuring the many examples of assets you can put on chain. Here’s another: financing used cars.

Kavak is a startup in Mexico working in this space but wants to enter the Brazilian market. How? Through a tokenized debt offering for working capital in the country.

Having already tokenized R$5.4 million (~$1M USD) in commercial notes via tokenization platform Liqi, Kavak plans on expanding their offering to R$30 million (~$5.5M USD). These notes come with a 12-month maturity at 5.5% APY and are backed by cars that Kavak already has in stock via Oliveria Trust (guarantee agent and registrar).

In terms of financial cost savings, looking at infrastructure, we have a 60% savings with the tokenization operation at Liqi

Daniel Coquieri, CEO of Liqi

A lower cost of capital and lower cost of operations means they can accept lower investment minimums making their next step more viable. While at the beginning the security tokens were offered to private investors and funds, Kavak and Liqui plan on now offering this to the public under the CVM (Brazilian regulator).

For future issuances, the Mexican startup is considering leveraging more blockchain features — what could those be? Will they expand to other countries? Good questions, keep up with What’s Drippin’ and let’s find out!

This is not financial advice.

A Message from the TokenizeThis Workshop Tour

The TokenizeThis Workshop is going on tour across the US!

Do you or someone you know have assets you’d like to tokenize? Not sure how to do so?
In order to take advantage of this new burgeoning technology, one must understand beyond the technicals and learn about the market, the new procedures, and the best practices to follow. This workshop is for you!

Composed of 5 sessions, the TokenizeThis Workshop is a full day masterclass focuses on an industry overview, the tokenization lifecycle, and liquidity strategies to name a few. Interested in joining us? Use WD15 for 15% off!

Your Second Captivating Topic of the Week

🏡 MetaWealth Closes Round at EUR 50 million Valuation

STM has covered MetaWealth in the past but now they’ve achieved a new milestone: closing a pre-series A financing round at a EUR 50M Valuation!

This EUR 2M round involved 11 investors from around the world including the UK, Spain, Switzerland and Romania to name a few. What does MetaWealth do? They tokenize real estate, including pre-development, connecting developers to investors via their app. Since launch they’ve been able to process over $300K in distributions to over 1,000 unique investors from 23 countries in the first fiscal year. This is across 100+ premium assets they’ve tokenized, valued at over $20M.

We covered one of their offerings, the Vivace Contemporary Villas in Spain, on Security Token Show Episode 226 showcasing a pre-construction offering with a “hold and exit” strategy.

We are incredibly excited to have closed this fundraising round. Real World Assets (RWAs) represent a natural evolution of the traditional investing ecosystem, and real estate plays a pivotal role in smart investing. This funding will allow us to continue providing investment opportunities to our users, granting them access to previously inaccessible options, and make significant strides in advancing the RWA protocols to deliver greater benefits to our users.

Amr Adawi, Co-CEO and Co-Founder MetaWealth told Security Token Market

What’s in their pipeline?

  • $55M across 3 different countries

  • Working with Deloitte, Colliers, ONE United and Solana

  • Series A funding round with various VCs by Q1 2025

  • Opening London HQ

Congratulations to the team, we’re excited to see more assets come on-chain along with distribution increasing and MetaWealth is making big strides in the space!

This is not financial advice.

💦 What else is Drippin’

Companies of the Week

Herwig’s Pick: Particula

Kyle’s Pick: Mikro Kapital

Find out why and more every Friday live at 1pm EST on LinkedIn or X/ Twitter. Past episodes available on Youtube or your favorite podcast platform! 


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