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  • 🛠 Bridging Tokens and Non-Tokens: Tokenbridge’s Model Portfolio Token Design

🛠 Bridging Tokens and Non-Tokens: Tokenbridge’s Model Portfolio Token Design

👩‍💼 Oasis Pro’s Latest Acquisition: Alana Ackerson From Figure

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As always, we have two captivating topics for you to dive into:

1️⃣ 🛠 Bridging Tokens and Non-Tokens: Tokenbridge’s Model Portfolio Token Design

2️⃣ 👩‍💼 Oasis Pro’s Latest Acquisition: Alana Ackerson From Figure

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Your First Captivating Topic of the Week

🛠 Bridging Tokens and Non-Tokens: Tokenbridge’s Model Portfolio Token Design

To tokenize or not to tokenize, that is the question.

While of course I’m hoping all assets will tokenize, the reality is not everything needs to be and more so, it’ll take time to bring everything on-chain that should be. So how do we invest in both tokenized assets and non-tokenized? Do we have to have two separate portfolios?

Tokenbridge is helping make it so that you don’t have to choose! They just announced new features for model portfolios where they’re connecting tokenized and un-tokenized assets like funds and securities.

According to the press release, the 3 main features are the following (and I’ll include their meaning):

  • Greater connectivity with model portfolio providers: 

    • This means providers can manage the rules and characteristics of their models. This way financial advisors can match the right models to the goals of their clients.

  • Greater connectivity between distributors and clients:

    • Distribution is the name of the game. Now they can create a “personalized” token on behalf of clients

  • Constant portfolio evaluation: 

    • Portfolio rebalancing is the toughest piece of the puzzle. Tokenbridge infrastructure allows for constant comparison of the client’s portfolio vs. the model (containing tokenized and un-tokenized units), and makes the necessary changes instantly

The historic complexity and expense of connecting such a broad ecosystem – from fund managers to model providers to distributors and investors – is vastly simplified with the intelligent use of fund tokens and smart contracts.

Stephen Ashurst, CEO of Tokenbridge

This news comes just months after JPMorgan and Apollo released their proof of concept, rebalancing portfolios on Onyx Digital Assets containing assets across different issuers and blockchains. The famous takeaway from that PoC being that they reduced a 3,000-step process into a few clicks of a button. Tokenbridge is doing something similar but for both tokenized and un-tokenized assets.

The common theme: the archaic system is due for an overhaul in infrastructure and both institutions & startups alike are making progress for the next generation of capital markets.

Your Second Captivating Topic of the Week

👩‍💼 Oasis Pro’s Latest Acquisition: Alana Ackerson From Figure

We noticed a personnel change this past week. Oasis Pro has a new president and it’s Alana Ackerson - co-founder of Figure Technologies and Provenance Blockchain.

Security tokens are growing in popularity especially with new hype being fueled by the likes of Larry Fink, Jamie Dimon, and Jenny Johnson talking about it on national TV over the past month. Along with the industry, Oasis Pro seems to want to grow with it hence specifically choosing Alana Ackerson to join their leadership team.

Her remarkable ability to attract top talent and forge strategic partnerships is a cornerstone of her leadership style. Alana's appointment significantly strengthens our position as an institutional partner in global infrastructure for digital securities and real-world assets

Pat LaVecchia, Founder & CEO of Oasis Pro

What has Alana done?

Well we’ve covered Figure and Provenance in past What’s Drippin’ editions, State of Security Tokens reports, and Security Token Prime so if you’ve been following us for a while you know they aren’t a small fish by any means. Figure uses Provenance Blockchain for loan origination, equity management, private fund services, and payments. They’ve done $1 billion in HELOC originations in Q3 2023 alone, bringing its aggregate HELOC volume to the $7+ billion mark in under 4 years

According to her LinkedIn, during Ackerson’s ~4-year tenure, “[She] directed organizational development and strategic planning, recruiting and retention, human resources, total rewards, talent management, learning and development, feedback and recognition, diversity and inclusion, locations and facilities, culture and employee experience”

If Oasis Pro is planning on growing, they sure picked the right person for the job!

💦 What else is Drippin’

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Tell me more, what’s the platform all about? 🤔 
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