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  • 🪨 BlackRock's Larry Fink Tokenization Takeaways: Bloomberg and CNBC

🪨 BlackRock's Larry Fink Tokenization Takeaways: Bloomberg and CNBC

🏨 Tokenized Hotels and Perks: RSRV, tZERO, Science Ventures

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Goooood Morning, Rainmakers! ☀️

As always, we have two captivating topics for you to dive into:

1️⃣ 🪨 BlackRock's Larry Fink Tokenization Takeaways: Bloomberg and CNBC

2️⃣ 🏨 Tokenized Hotels and Perks: RSRV, tZERO, Science Ventures

Without further ado, it's time to…

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Your First Captivating Topic of the Week

🪨 BlackRock's Larry Fink Tokenization Takeaways: Bloomberg and CNBC

The world’s largest asset manager has spoken! As you’re all probably aware, last week the SEC approved the bitcoin spot ETFs - something many were waiting on for a long time.

But when asked about it, BlackRock’s CEO took it a step further and said

These are just stepping stones towards tokenization and I really believe this is where we’re going. We have the technology to tokenize today…

Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock told CNBC

The CNBC clip made its way across social media, however he also mentioned tokenization on Bloomberg! Here are the two links if you want to watch!

Why so much attention to BlackRock?
As mentioned in the beginning, BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager with over $9 trillion dollars in assets under management (AUM). That’s a 9 with 12 zeros… Let that settle.

If that doesn’t help, let’s try this. We’ve all heard of Fidelity right? Huge company. Their AUM is about half of BlackRock’s.

Yup. BlackRock moves markets.

So let’s talk takeaways
Here are some of Larry’s bullet points on why real world assets should be tokenized between the two clips:

  • Every stock, every bond will have its own CUSIP

  • Every investor will have their own identification

  • Customize [investment] strategies that fits every individual

  • Instantaneous settlement

  • Voting: Every individual that has ownership is identified and has their own vote

  • This eliminates all corruption

While the corruption point is a bit hard to grasp at this point in time (mainly because there’s a lot of missing pieces right now in my opinion), the rest of the points make total sense and they’re what we’ve been preaching for the last 6+ years!

What’s a CUSIP?
CUSIP stands for Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures. CUSIP numbers help uniquely identify stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments. Think of it like a social security number for a person or a serial number for a product (like your iPhone).

This helps clear and settle securities, but why limit it to some securities when blockchain can help have it for ALL securities?

Identification, Investment Strategies, and Voting
Fink’s points on identification, investment strategies, and voting are all related. We’ve seen companies give investor perks to token holders (like the one we’re about to cover in the next section), something that can’t be done with stocks being held in street name.

At the same time, every investor is different and so their portfolios have to be as customizable as possible, including access to alternatives. Late last year JPMorgan, Apollo, WisdomTree, Oasis Pro, Avalanche, Provenance, and others showcased how tokenization can rebalance portfolios in a much more streamlined manner. Here’s the webinar we hosted on Security Token Prime (formerly STA Success Network).

Have any thoughts or questions on Larry Fink’s points? 
Join us in our office hours on Security Token Prime to chat further! They’re on Thursdays at 11am EST. Remember, it’s completely free!

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Your Second Captivating Topic of the Week

🏨 Tokenized Hotels and Perks: RSRV, tZERO, Science Ventures

From the makers of the famous Aspen Coin (ASPD) backed by the St. Regis in Aspen, we have a new tokenized opportunity in the hospitality space: RSRV. RSRV is brought to us by Elevated Returns, tZERO, and Science Ventures which aims to connect guests, accredited investors, and luxury/lifestyle hotels all on one platform.

As an investor you wouldn’t just get equity in these hotels, they come with perks!

How is that possible if there are hundreds of investors?
It’s all thanks to tokenization. Like Larry Fink said, “every investor will have their own identification.”

That’s because you own your assets on-chain rather than, for example, Robinhood holding them for you. This allows the issuer to identify you as an individual investor and give you said perks, which in this case include:

  • Redeeming shares for stays at hotels at locked-in rates

  • Members-only events

  • VIP experiences

  • Dedicated concierge services

  • and more!

Of course these perks come based on investment tiers, the more you invest the more you get. That being said, my favorite is definitely the redeeming shares for nights at today’s prices! Whether or not it makes sense from an investment strategy perspective is up to each individual investors, but the option to do so is a great investor perk nonetheless.

This is not financial or investment advice.

It seems the St. Regis in Aspen will be the first opportunity to come on the RSRV platform with ticker RSRV_STREGIS_ASPEN, coming in Q1 2024. We’ll be sure to look out for additional details, what separates this from the existing ASPD token, and other investment opportunities on the platform.

💦 What else is Drippin’

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