🗞 The Most Active Tokenization Week in 4 Years

🌍 RedSwan's on Tour, Catch them in Your Area!

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🦃 Before we get started I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving as it’s coming up this week! We’re so grateful to all of you for being such loyal subscribers and supporters of What’s Drippin’, STM and STA, and the tokenization industry as a whole 🙏🏼

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1️⃣ 🗞 The Most Active Tokenization Week in 4 Years

2️⃣ 🌍 RedSwan's on Tour, Catch them in Your Area!

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A Message from The Security Token Show

Have you noticed anything different on The Security Token Show? We have a new format to cover more news, new segments, and for the first time in 4 years we are bringing on guests and interviewees to comment on exciting announcements during the show! This week we’re joined by Simon Barnby from Archax and Renata Szkoda from INX.

Are you interested in coming on the show? Share your company updates directly to stomarket.com/news or email [email protected] for consideration on the following week’s episode!

Want to comment on other pieces of news as a thought leader? Topics will be posted on the STA Success Network, guests will be invited on first come, first serve basis. Join today!

🗞 The Most Active Tokenization Week in 4 Years

This was easily one of the most active weeks we've seen when choosing what to cover on the Security Token Show!

Most weeks we’re choosing between articles and submitted news and pick the Top 5 pieces of news you need to know… this week was impossible to choose. While some announcements were “fluff” pieces which were easy to discard, the majority were actually pretty newsworthy and we felt the need to cover them.

Considering how many articles we had, we actually broke down the Token Debrief into themes including Licenses, New Platforms, On-chain Repo Transactions, Project Guardian, Fundraises, and Offerings.

Most notably, we had multiple pieces of news coming out of Project Guardian, all distinct from each other so keep an eye out for them!

We're also joined by two guests this week: Simon Barnby covering Archax tokenized money market funds and Renata K. Szkoda covering INX and Republic's acquisition deadline extension, wallet integration, and listing.

You DON'T want to miss this episode so without further ado… check it out! 👇

🌍 RedSwan's on Tour, Catch them in Your Area!

RedSwan CRE’s Ed Nwokedi has been making his away around the world speaking at conferences, meeting with clients & partners, and scoping out new opportunities!

Appearances range from the CoinAlts Symposium in San Francisco, USA to visiting a client in Dubai, to the STO Summit in South Korea to Speaking in front of Hedera in Singapore.

During his time at Hedera’s booth, Ed mentioned he had a conversation with the Securities Commission Malaysia around building a framework for tokenization for the jurisdiction with a similar conversation in Korea.

Ed Nwokedi in front of Hedera’s booth at the Singapore FinTech Festival

We were privileged to attend the STO Summit held over 3 days in KG Towers of central Seoul. Thanks to the event sponsors, Augustin Jiang of ArtRino, and the marketing team of eDaily news media, for inviting Don Oparah and me to attend as VIP guest speakers. Also, special thanks to Dynamichong Flip for his tireless efforts in providing marketing and media content.

Our reception was first class with a high level of hospitality. It was also a pleasant surprise to see many of my esteemed #STO colleagues from around the world in attendance: Claus Skaaning of DigiShares, Julian Kwan of InvestX, Bob Ejodame of INX, and Daniel Stabile of Winston & Strawn LLP. This was the first time we were all able to sit down together and share thoughts on industry solutions.

Our Seoul STO Summit experience was awesome, and we could see the strong demand for tokenization ahead. Several property owners in attendance were ready to discuss their STO projects.

Ed Nwokedi, CEO at RedSwan CRE

Catch Ed’s presentation at The STO Summit in South Korea here 👇

You’ll notice he shares his perspective on the tokenization of real estate and RedSwan’s role in this transformative time for the industry, especially considering their global presence in the United States, Africa, and the Middle East. One can assume they’d be looking to expand into Asia as well considering all of the speaking engagements Ed has in the region!

RedSwan CRE was also invited to join #ISTA in support of the accelerated adoption of Security Tokens. RedSwan looks forward to developing these new business relationships in Korea and assisting property owners with digital security solutions.

Keep an eye out for more events featuring Ed and the RedSwan team or contact them directly at redswan.io 

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NEW: TokenizeThis: Highlights and Key Takeaways Report

It’s already been a month since we hosted our inaugural TokenizeThis conference and the reception has been outstanding! We’re proud to have put together a free, 3-day event that resulted in shared insights valuable to both our retail and institutional audiences.

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