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  • 🏡 $4B Portfolio Coming On-Chain: RedSwan CRE and WhiteRocks Holding

🏡 $4B Portfolio Coming On-Chain: RedSwan CRE and WhiteRocks Holding

🛑 Trading is Coming to a Halt: Exodus <> tZERO/Securitize

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As always, we have two captivating topics for you to dive into:

1️⃣ 🏡 $4B Portfolio Coming On-Chain: RedSwan CRE and WhiteRocks Holding

2️⃣ 🛑 Trading is Coming to a Halt: Exodus <> tZERO/Securitize

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Your First Captivating Topic of the Week

🏡 $4B Portfolio Coming On-Chain: RedSwan CRE and WhiteRocks Holding

Exciting news coming from Houston: RedSwan is going to be tokenizing a $4B real estate portfolio for their Dubai-based client, WhiteRocks Holding. This consists of 36 mixed-use properties in the Middle East Gulf States region featuring an 80% stabilization rate across office, multi-family, retail, and industrial sectors, complemented by 20% prime development sites.

RedSwan will be tokenizing the Cushman and Wakefield-appraised portfolio as a fund structure, giving token holders exposure to a variety of properties. According to the press release “CBRE projects a 5.70% growth rate from 2023 to 2028, with a current development pipeline valued at $1.4 trillion.”

That means that the prime development sites making up 20% of the portfolio are poised to grow with the market (this is not financial advice).

Want to see some of the properties? We feature a video within our most recent interview with RedSwan’s Ed Nwokedi, check it out on YouTube!

For context, RedSwan CRE has been a leader in the real estate tokenization space through their combined 65 years of real estate experience and aggregate $5 billion they’ve put on-chain… now in one deal they’re almost doubling that and this could just be the beginning 👀:

We eagerly anticipate implementing tokenization across all our future capital projects, with the RedSwan CRE team as our trusted partner to execute these transformative endeavors

Dr. Raha, Head of Digital Assets for WhiteRocks

Make sure to check them out at RedSwan.io, learn about their offerings (including their own RegCF), watch our interview, and join us for a Twitter Space on @Wolf_Financial on Friday at 4pm EST where you can ask Ed anything you’d like!

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Your Second Captivating Topic of the Week

🛑 Trading is Coming to a Halt: Exodus <> tZERO/Securitize

It’s the end of an era with the go-to RegA example, Exodus, announcing they won’t be trading on tZERO Securities ATS or Securitize Markets anymore as they prepare to list on OTC Markets OTCQB.

Some background:
Exodus closed its Regulation A+ Public Offering on May 5, 2021. The company issued 2,733,229 shares of its Class A common stock and raised $75 million in gross proceeds - the full amount allowed through RegA+ (also referred to as “the mini IPO”). Because of the filing’s similarity to going public as far how stringent it is, the EXOD token has been a prime example for issuers looking to raise capital from a retail audience.

The fact that Exodus was able to raise the maximum amount allowed made the complex process all the more worth it, followed by dual-listing the token on Securitize and tZERO.

Trading will stop at the end of the day today, December 11th after which tZERO token holders will be transferred over to Exodus’ transfer agent, Securitize. Of course shareholders on Securitize Markets are already direct record holders.

We wish them well at their future home with OTC Markets. Will another RegA+ offering come soon and take their place? Let’s hope.

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